Are Lumber Liquidators Safe?

Commitment to Quality & Safety

Lumber Liquidators is committed to selling high quality safe products produced in ethical environments to our customers. We make sure that our vendor's factories and how our products are made meet all laws and mandatory safety standards before any product is shipped to us.

What flooring is least toxic? There are many choices for non-toxic flooring suitable for the chemically sensitive or the health-conscious homeowner. The best options are real hardwood, polished concrete, and tile. But specific brands of natural linoleum, carpet and engineered wood are excellent choices as well.

is it safe to buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators?

CDC/ATSDR found that exposure to formaldehyde in the CPSC-tested laminate flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators® could cause irritation and breathing problems. However, you can take steps to reduce formaldehyde levels in your home.

What flooring has no formaldehyde? Engineered hardwood flooring that uses No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) or Ultra-Low-Emitting Formaldehyde resins and adhesives have little to no formaldehyde emissions.

what flooring from Lumber Liquidators have Formaldehyde?

The laminate flooring was sold by Lumber Liquidators until last May, when the company announced it was halting sales. The investigation was prompted by a March 2015 "60 Minutes" report that revealed the company's laminate flooring made in China had higher levels of formaldehyde gas than allowed by law.

What is the healthiest flooring? Ceramic, Porcelain and Glass Tile Ceramic, porcelain and glass tiles are durable choices for solid-surface flooring and are good for rooms with a lot of moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens. For a sustainable choice, look for glass tiles made from recycled materials.

are Lumber Liquidators good quality?

We did some research and compared Lumber Liquidators to other stores and places that sell hardwood. They are competitive and they have a good quality product.

Does Lumber Liquidators still have Formaldehyde? ENSURING SAFETY OF OUR PRODUCTS We believe this is validation that the formaldehyde levels met requirements and demonstrates the products were safe. Lumber Liquidators voluntarily removed the product from the market to allay customer concerns, and the company no longer sells this product.

What is wrong with Lumber Liquidators flooring?

Lumber Liquidators is a U.S. company, but much of its laminate flooring is made in China, and as we discovered during our investigation, may fail to meet health and safety standards, because it contains high levels of formaldehyde, a known cancer causing chemical. At their cost and replace it with clean flooring.

Does vinyl plank flooring contain formaldehyde? Vinyl chloride, which makes up PVC found in vinyl flooring, is a known carcinogen and a volatile organic compound (VOC). Older vinyl flooring or some flooring products made in China have even been known to contain formaldehyde.

Can you negotiate at Lumber Liquidators?

Hardwood Floors For Less Lumber Liquidators sells its products at a lower price than its competitors. It does this by negotiating directly with the wood mills, thus eliminating the middleman. If you find a lower price anywhere, the company will not only match it; they will beat it.

How long does it take for vinyl to off gas?

In reality, the off gassing should be the strongest during the first two weeks and continue to off gas for up to months after it is placed into your home.

Does formaldehyde dissipate over time?

11. Does the formaldehyde dissipate over time? A. Yes, typically emissions from composite wood products decrease over time.

How much does Lumber Liquidators charge for installation?

Average basic installation fees range from around $1 to $3 per square foot.

How much does it cost to put hardwood floors in a 2000 square foot house?

Expect the install range to be from $5 to $8 per square foot. This includes labor to remove your previous flooring, installation and finishing of the hardwood. Flooring companies typically quote the cost to install a hardwood floor on a square-foot basis.

How much does it cost for Home Depot to install laminate flooring?

On average, this process will cost homeowners $1.95 per square foot of old flooring. This rate depends on the existing flooring type and the amount of effort required for removal.

Are Lumber Liquidators expensive?

Lumber Liquidators sells a wide range of luxury vinyl plank flooring, as well as a rigid core plank often called engineered vinyl plank (EVP) flooring. Prices run from around $1 to $4 per square foot.

Where can I buy cheap lumber?

Lumber Salvage: The Top 10 Sources for Cheap, Free and Recycled Wood Commercial Woodworking Firms. Lumber Mills and Lumber Yards. Furniture at Yard Sales, Junk Stores and Flea Markets. Volunteer for a Deconstruction Project. Woodworking Forums. Construction Site Dumpsters and “Burn” Pile. Wood Pallets.

Which brand of hardwood flooring is best?

Top 5 Brands for Solid Hardwood Flooring 01 of 05. Bruce. Bruce. Best for quick availability and returnability. 02 of 05. Carlisle. Carlisle. Best for plank sizes. 03 of 05. Lumber Liquidators House Brands. Lumber Liquidators. 04 of 05. Hearne Hardwoods. Hearne Hardwoods. The Woods Company. The Woods Company. Best for reclaimed solid wood flooring.

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