How Do You Take Care Of A Potted Lavender Plant?

Place your container grown lavender plants somewhere they receive full sun (at least 8 hours per day) and water them sparingly. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, but don't let it get so dry that the plant wilts. Lavender likes heat, and many varieties won't survive a cold winter.

How do you prune a potted lavender plant?

  1. Cut off about the top third of each lavender stem in early spring when green leaves begin to emerge from the base of the plant.
  2. Prune stems back lightly in the summer selectively to maintain the desired shape or size or head back especially vigorous stems that look out of place.

Is lavender good in pots?

Lavender is a perennial herb in many areas – that is, perennial if it gets really good drainage. Growing in a pot is an ideal way to provide good drainage. However, if the potting mix is extremely fertile, the plant may grow leaves and stems rather than flowering.

What can i feed my potted lavender?

Caring for Potted Lavender Water when the soil is dry and then drench so that water flows freely out the bottom of pots. Feed weekly with a liquid fertilizer to encourage more prolific flowering and improved flower color.

What happens if you don't prune lavender?

Cutting too far back to bare woody stems or removing too much foliage stresses the plant and often kills it. Don't prune your lavender after late August. That encourages tender new growth that'll be killed by winter cold, weakening the plant so it might not make it through another season.

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