How Much Does REI Pay Per Hour?

Recreational Equipment Inc. ( REI) Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job TitleRangeAverage
Job Title:Retail Sales ManagerRange:$15 - $31Average:$22
Sales SpecialistRange:$11 - $21Average:$15
Retail Sales AssociateRange:$10 - $17Average:$13
Sales AssociateRange:$9 - $18Average:$12

What is starting pay at REI?

(REI) Hourly Pay | PayScale. ... Recreational Equipment Inc. ( REI) Jobs by Hourly Rate. Job Title Range Average Sales Specialist Range:$11 - $21 Average:$15 Retail Sales Associate Range:$10 - $17 Average:$13 Sales Associate Range:$9 - $18 Average:$12 Retail Sales Specialist Range:$10 - $18 (Estimated *) Average:- 3 more rows • Feb 22, 2021

Is Rei a good place to work?

If you like the outdoors, this is a great place to work. Working at REI is great, particularly if you enjoy the outdoors since you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals and you will get really nice discounts on big name brands! Fun environment, hardworking coworkers. Healthy culture.

Do REI employees get a discount?

At REI, we believe a life outdoors is a life well lived, which is why we developed programs to get our employees outside. Employee Discount Program: REI employees receive 50% discounts on REI Gear and Apparel. The discount program also includes 30% off our vendor merchandise and 10% off sale items.

How much is a good hourly pay?

The national average salary in the United States is $43,460, according to the National Compensation Survey. That works out to be $20.90 per hour. So in order to be above average, you have to earn more than $21 per hour. Why not bewayabove average and find a job that pays $10 more than the average hourly salary?

How is Rei doing financially?

REI Chief Financial Officer Kelley Hall shared REI's results from 2019 with $3.1 billion in revenue, 8% sales growth across digital and in-store offerings, and increased sales at brick and mortar stores by 3.5%. May 7, 2020

What is Costco's starting pay?

Costco raised its starting pay to $15 per hour in 2019. More than half of Costco's hourly workers in the U.S. are paid above $25, Jelinek told the Senate Budget Committee during a hearing on pay at large retail and fast-food employers. Costco employs about 180,000 U.S. workers. Feb 25, 2021

Does Costco really pay $21 an hour?

1. The company pays a living wage. Costco's CEO and president, Craig Jelinek, has publicly endorsed raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, and he takes that to heart. The company's starting pay is $11.50 per hour, and the average employee wage is $21 per hour, not including overtime. Nov 19, 2013

Does REI drug test new hires?

Does REI drug test? According to our research, REI does not drug test. However, the REI employee code of conduct indicates that REI is a drug- and alcohol-free workplace and employees must follow those rules as outlined in the employee handbook. Sep 20, 2019

How much do you get paid at REI?

How much does REI in California pay? Average REI hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.50 per hour for Delivery Driver to $13.62 per hour for Retail Sales Associate. The average REI salary ranges from approximately $56,961 per year for Retail Manager to $117,000 per year for Retail Sales Associate.

What age does REI hire?

16 years REI Jobs and Pay Scales Applicants as young as 16 years of age may participate in the REI hiring process. The supportive and eco-friendly work settings featured at store locations offer perfect opportunities for outdoors enthusiasts and environmental activists to flourish as employees.

Do REI employees make commission?

Nope, we don't! And we prefer it that way. :) We have a customer comment section at our frontline for customers to provide feedback. Apr 19, 2019

Is Rei a worker co op?

Recreational Equipment, Inc., commonly known as REI, is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. It is organized as a consumers' co-operative. ... Recreational Equipment, Inc. Type Consumers' co-operative Members 19 million Number of employees 13,000 Website 9 more rows

Is $24 an hour good?

Assuming all things equal, $24 per hour would be slightly above the median household income in the US. It is also worthwhile to look at sites like Glassdoor to see what others make in your field. You can filter by company, location, job, etc.

Is $60 an hour good?

Is 60 Dollars an Hour Good? $60 is an extremely good salary. You will be making more than $100,000 which means being part of a very small and rich minority. Jul 1, 2020

Is 30 hr a good salary?

So yes, $30/hr (or roughly $60k/yr) is an excellent income. That's the average which is skewed by people that make extraordinarily large incomes. A better measure IMO is the median which is much less. May 8, 2015

Is REI in financial trouble?

“The combined effects of a challenging retail environment, coupled with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, have caused significant financial distress on our business, and we expect it to continue to do so in the future,” RTW Retailwinds CEO and CFO Sheamus Toal said in a statement. Jul 14, 2020

Does REI have a stock?

It's also an example of something REI can do because it's one of the country's few large retail cooperatives and not a publicly traded company. ... REI is a consumer co-op, and the largest in the country. Like some credit unions and food co-ops, its membership base is composed of its customers. Oct 28, 2015

Does REI have financing?

Unfortunately, we do not have any financing options within REI. Some banks or credit unions sometimes offer bike-specific loans and here's a few other different ways to finance a bike in this article. Aug 25, 2019

Is getting a job at Costco hard?

There are plenty of great things about working at Costco, but make no mistake, it isn't a walk in the park — employees work hard for those benefits. Aside from the physical labor, many employees say they find the job to be pretty stressful. Feb 5, 2019

What is the best job at Costco?

CEO. Serving as CEO might just be the best job at Costco. ... Lead Wine Buyer. ... Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Non-Foods & Ecommerce. ... Product Testing Technician. ... Pharmacist. ... Cashier. ... Stocker. ... Customer Service Representatives. More items... • Jan 31, 2019

What is the highest paying job at Costco?

Top 5 Best Paying Related Costco Jobs in the U.S. Job Title Annual Salary Hourly Wage Costco Remote $58,744 $28.24 Costco+travel $55,210 $26.54 Costco General Manager $54,145 $26.03 Costco Regional $50,217 $24.14 1 more row

Is the owner of Costco Mormon?

James Sinegal, the co-founder and former CEO of Costco, is Catholic. Costco is not owned by a single individual. It is a multinational corporation managed by a Board of Directors.

How do you get hired at Costco?

Getting a job at Costco is competitive but it's not that hard even though it's a crowded retail store. For you to work there, you have to be at least 18 years old, pass the drug test and have certifications for some jobs like driving. Drug tests are performed during the interview process. May 15, 2020

Do Costco workers get a discount?

While employees typically don't get shopping discounts, they have something that's arguably better: the opportunity to shop in a near-empty store. “You can shop after hours, and a lot of employees do that,” says Kathleen, a Costco employee in Washington state.

Is Rei expensive?

yes they are expensive... compared to other high end backpacking stores they are cheap. If you tried to outfit yourself for a camping trip at rei it would be a lot cheaper than doing it at say a Patagonia store or your average boutique outdoor shop. Dec 18, 2011

How do you get a job at REI?

REI consistently opens new stores and posts job openings online accordingly. After submitting preliminary hiring forms, entry-level applicants, such as those looking for sales specialist positions, often participate in group interviews consisting of 10 to 20 other job candidates.

How much Target pays an hour?

Target set its 2020 goal of a $15 starting wage in September 2017, and over the last three years has increased wages from a starting wage of $11. The last starting-wage increase was in June 2019 to $13. Jun 17, 2020

Can I use someone else's REI dividend?

We do not have a way for a member to gift their dividend to another person. ... While we do allow individuals to put purchases on a membership that is not theirs (i.e. it is a family member's membership), the annual dividend belongs to the owner of the membership. Jul 21, 2020

How much does an REI store manager make?

The typical REI Store Manager salary is $81,797. Store Manager salaries at REI can range from $65,244 - $111,740. This estimate is based upon 18 REI Store Manager salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. Feb 5, 2021

Does REI drug test?

Yes they urine test for the goodyear az distribution center even for part timers!!!!! Mar 4, 2019

What rei means?

Recreational Equipment, Inc Recreational Equipment, Inc. REI.

Does REI franchise?

The answer to all these questions may have something to do with the company's business structure: REI is a retail cooperative, meaning it's owned by its members. Mar 21, 2017

How do I get my REI employee discount online?

In order to place an online order from home and receive your employee discount, you have to call customer service (aka helpdesk). They will create your personal account with your employee information that you can use in or to get your discount. Aug 25, 2018

Why is REI a co-op?

Since 1938, we have been your local outdoor co-op, working to help you experience the transformational power of nature. ... And because we have no shareholders, with every purchase you make with REI, you are choosing to steward the outdoors, support sustainable business and help the fight for life outside.

What are the advantages of a co-op?

Advantages of co-op living One of the main attractions of co-ops are lower expenses, as they operate on an at-cost basis, meaning they are not run for profit. Many co-ops, especially smaller ones are run and maintained by resident shareholders, further lowering expenses. Sep 12, 2018

Is Rei a good brand?

REI has been a big name in outdoor clothing and supplies for a long time. ... The Co-op products are affordable, sustainable, and proven to be some of the best outdoor equipment out there (according to reviewers). We rounded up 15 of the highest-rated clothes and outdoor gear you can shop from the REI Co-op brand. Feb 24, 2020

Should I become an REI member?

The REI membership fee of $20 is good for a lifetime membership. So the more years that you have an REI membership, the less it actually ends up costing. If you are buying gear over $200, it pays for itself immediately. ... You don't need your actual REI membership card when purchasing, just your phone number.

What's 50k a year hourly?

$50,000 a year is what per hour? It depends on how many hours you work, but assuming a 40 hour work week, and working 50 weeks a year, then a $50,000 yearly salary is about $25.00 per hour.

Is making 50k a year good?

As you can see, a salary of $50k is considered good money. However, there is ample room for improvement if you want to improve your situation. The average household income is approximately $63k. Therefore, a salary of $50k is considered below average. May 16, 2020

Is $100 an hour good?

“Being able to get $100 an hour is rare,” said Al Lee, the director of quantitative analysis at The median hourly wage in the U.S. is $16 an hour, he points out, so earning $100 an hour would be more than six times what the average worker makes. Dec 8, 2010

What jobs pay $100 an hour?

Top jobs that pay over $100 an hour Life coach. Underwater welder. Freelance photographer. Political speechwriter. Tattoo artist. Massage therapist. Interior designer. Commercial pilot. More items... • Oct 27, 2020

What job pays $500 an hour?

Is $500 an hour good pay? Yes. Any wage above $48.75/hour puts you in the top 10% of U.S. workers. ... What Salary Equals $500/Hour? Profession Wage Doctors (General Practice) $97.00 Dentists $74.81 Pharmacists $61.58 Air Traffic Controllers $59.13 38 more rows

What is $60 000 a year hourly?

$60,000 per year breaks down to: $28.85 per hour (Annual ÷ 2080 hours) Feb 11, 2021

What job pays $40 an hour?

Makeup Artist. If you're creative and know your way around an eyeshadow palette, being a freelance makeup artist offers a flexible hourly job that can pay anywhere from $13 – $40+ per hour. Per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, makeup artists are the highest-paid workers in the cosmetology industry.

Is there a job that pays 1000 an hour?

So while a lawyer might net $635 after tax on a $1,000 billable hour, a hedge fund manager could keep $850 of the same $1,000. No mater how you cut it, though, $1,000 an hour is impressive. Bill the annual average of 2,200 hours and that's a nice $2.2 million in gross pay. Feb 25, 2011

How can I make 100k without a degree?

Here are 14 examples of high-paying jobs with salaries exceeding $100,000 – that don't require a college degree. Business Owner. Small business is the lifeblood of the American economy. ... Real Estate Broker. ... Sales Consultant. ... Air Traffic Controller. ... Virtual Assistant. ... Plumber. ... Firefighter or Police Officer. ... Site Manager. More items...

Who is the owner of REI?

Jerry Stritzke Outdoor gear and apparel retailer Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI) today named Jerry Stritzke as the company's president and CEO following an extensive national search. Stritzke most recently served as president and COO for Coach, Inc.

Who are REI competitors?

REI competitors include The North Face, DICK'S Sporting Goods, Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation, Matador Resources Company and Patagonia. REI ranks 1st in Pricing Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Is the REI credit card a good deal?

The Verdict: If you shop at REI and have good or excellent credit, waste no time in adding the REI Credit Card to your payment arsenal. ... Beyond that, you'll earn the market average of 1% cash back on most non-REI purchases. Jun 25, 2020

What credit score do you need for REI credit card?

700 A credit score of at least 700 (good credit) is required for the REI credit card. But your score won't be the only factor they'll take into account. Your current debt, recent inquiries or any past negatives will also play a role in the approval decision.

How long does it take to get Rei credit card?

How long will it take to receive my card? Once approved, you should receive your card within 7-10 business days.

Does REI offer Afterpay?

No, REI does not accept Afterpay financing.

Does Costco pay time and a half on Sundays?

Time and a half in Sundays. ... Costco hourly employees receive time and a half every Sunday or time and a half every hour after 40 hours worked. Also if you work two shifts with less than 8 hours in between the employee is paid double time.

How many vacation days do Costco employees get?

You receive a standard 20-30 days per year. Two weeks vacation for first five years. Increases with length of employment. Up to 7 weeks plus holidays for hourly employees.

How long is a Costco interview?

three weeks How to Get a Job at Costco. Mega department store Costco uses a variety of interview tactics to screen entry-level applicants and aspiring professional workers. The interview process generally takes about two or three weeks to complete from the initial submission of the required forms to the final interview session.

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