How Much Is An Onyx Membership At Lifetime Fitness

A single membership at Life Time Greenway costs $199 per month, while a family membership can cost up to $400 per month. ... How much is an onyx membership at Lifetime Fitness?

Initiation Fee$79
Monthly *Single Club Access$62
Monthly *All location Access$77
1 Year Pay in Full$935

How much is the monthly fee for lifetime fitness?

Lifetime Fitness Prices See Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost ITEM PRICE First Person Initiation Fee (One Person) $49.00 Monthly Fee (One Person) $79.00 Cancellation Fee (One Person) $0.00 16 more rows

What are the different levels of lifetime fitness?

Membership levels at Life Time include Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Onyx, and Diamond.

How much is a diamond membership at Lifetime Fitness?

Only $14.95/month!

What is Lifetime Fitness Diamond membership?

By joining the Diamond Signature Club, members will have access to all of the on-site amenities, as well as those in any Life Time fitness club in the country. A single membership at Life Time Greenway costs $199 per month, while a family membership can cost up to $400 per month. Oct 25, 2019

Is Lifetime Fitness worth the price?

If you will take advantage of the above-listed amenities, classes, and services, Life Time's membership fees may be worth the cost. However, if you just want a place to hop on a treadmill for an hour and then head home, a cheaper option like Planet Fitness is probably a better fit for you. Dec 13, 2018

What does a lifetime membership include?

A Life Time membership gives you instant access to our luxury amenities, expert instructors and fitness classes you won't find anywhere else — plus, take advantage of Apple Fitness+, at-home workouts, virtual training and so much more.

Are LifeTime Fitness prices negotiable?

Although Life Time doesn't negotiate fees, it does offer incentives throughout the year. ... Finally, if you have friends who belong to the gym you'd like to join, don't be afraid to ask them how much they pay per month and if they were charged a membership fee. Apr 8, 2020

Are LifeTime Fitness classes free?

All classes are included with membership. XTREME is the evolution of TCX, our flagship fitness class. Push yourself to the limits in this intense total conditioning Strength and Cardio class.

Can I add someone to my LifeTime Fitness Membership?

can be on a Couple or Family membership. A parent or legal guardian can add a dependent child ages 3 months to 22 years old upon payment of applicable add-on and service fees, in addition to monthly dues for each added dependent.

Can you go to LifeTime without a membership?

Non-members. Non-members who wish to use LifeCafe, LifeSpa, LifeClinic, or MediSpa must sign in or register at the front desk. Jun 4, 2020

Does LifeTime Fitness offer senior discounts?

No, LifeTime Fitness does not offer senior discounts.

How do guest passes work at LifeTime Fitness?

As a member at Life Time, you'll receive two guest passes per month to share with family and friends. Guest registration and photo ID required. Pass is subject to club policies and may be limited to non-peak usage and may exclude the use of the outdoor pools and/or basketball courts.

How much is a couples membership at Lifetime Fitness?

For couples: The couple membership starts at $122 per month. If you opt for a couple membership, you will be saving about 40% monthly on the membership cost for the second adult.

What is the most expensive gym membership?

The Ten Most Expensive Gym Memberships. #10 – L.A. Fitness. #9 – Crunch Fitness. #8 – David Barton Gym. #7 – East Bank Club. #6 – SoulCycle. #5 – New York Sports Clubs. #4 – Equinox. More items... • Aug 25, 2020

How Much Do Lifetime Fitness employees get paid?

Lifetime Fitness Corporation Jobs by Hourly Rate Job Title Range Average Job Title:Personal Trainer Range:$10 - $58 Average:$20 Operations Supervisor Range:$10 - $22 Average:$14 Lifeguard Range:$8 - $12 (Estimated *) Average:- Maintenance Technician Range:$11 - $24 (Estimated *) Average:- 3 more rows • Jan 12, 2021

How much should you spend on a gym membership?

In the U.S., the estimated average monthly cost of a gym membership is $58. In reality, the costs vary dramatically by location and by gym. If you live in New York City, you can expect to shell out an average of $134.50 per month for a gym membership.

How much is a student membership at Lifetime Fitness?

Life Time Student Membership Policy Monthly membership fees at Life Time vary by location, ranging from about $65 per month to about $230 per month. Student discount amounts also vary by location. Keep in mind, students are not exempt from Life Time's one-time enrollment fee, which is about $100. Jun 8, 2020

How do I hold a lifetime membership?

Visit the Member Services desk at your local club to place your membership on hold. Per your membership agreement, we require a 30 day advanced written notice to put your membership on hold.

Can you negotiate a gym membership?

You may find membership discounts or deals on classes on a gym's website or through sites such as Groupon, Kufahl says. Negotiate a deal. When you decide which club you'd like to join, speak with a manager instead of a salesperson. Managers are more likely to be able to negotiate a better gym membership price for you. Jan 3, 2019

What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don't like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a "Judgement Free Zone." ... Cardinal Fitness. ... Your Local YMCA. ... Gold's Gym. ... LA Fitness. Nov 11, 2015

How can I get a discount at Lifetime Fitness?

Referral Deals – If you have a friend or family member who is at the gym, they can give you a referral code that will help you save a lot of money. Signing up via a referral deal lets you sign up without paying an initiation fee, and you may get between $5 to $30 off your first few months of dues.

Does Lifetime Fitness have boxing bags?

Boxing and kickboxing pack a serious punch and deliver an incredible workout. Our Boxing Studio provides heavy bags, speed bags, and mitts for a variety of combat arts.

How do I cancel my lifetime fitness membership?

For your convenience, we allow you to cancel your Life Time membership at any time with a 30 day-notice, either in person, by mail or by calling Member Relations at 1-877-583-6818.

What is Life Time Fitness?

Life Time, Inc. is a chain of health clubs in the United States and Canada. ...

Is Lifetime Fitness part of Silver Sneakers?

Many of our clubs are included in a variety of Medicare fitness benefits — such as Silver & Fit®, SilverSneakers® and Renew Active™.

How old do you have to be to participate in Silver Sneakers?

65 and older SilverSneakers is a health and fitness program that's specifically aimed at adults ages 65 and older.

Does UCare have silver sneakers?

Looking for more fun fitness and wellness options? ... UCare Connect and UCare Connect + Medicare members also enjoy all the benefits of the SilverSneakers Fitness program including a free basic fitness membership at participating facilities, SilverSneakers Flex classes, online tools and fitness kit options.

How much does it cost to go to lifetime fitness for a day?

You can also take advantage of day passes which you can purchase for $35 each or $150 for a five-day package. Mar 23, 2018

Do lifetime employees get discounts?

The employee discount is comparable to many others. It especially comes in handy in the Life Spa and Cafe. All members receive 20% off on MTG, GNG and meals prepared.

Do you have to wear a mask at Lifetime Fitness?

Taking Care — For Us All Members and team members are required to wear masks at all Life Time locations. You may bring your own mask or purchase one at shop. lifetime.

Does Lifetime Fitness have family memberships?

Dual & Family There are numerous reasons why you may want to get a dual or family membership. Not only does it come with Lifetime Fitness affordable membership costs, but it's great for those who are struggling to find time to get to the gym due to having children.

Which gym has the best deal?

Best Overall: 24-Hour Fitness. ... Best Budget Membership: Planet Fitness. ... Best for Frequent Travelers: Anytime Fitness. ... Best for Bodybuilders: Gold's Gym. ... Best for Luxury and Amenities: Equinox. ... Best for Machines and Muscle Isolation: LA Fitness. ... Best for Group Classes: Crunch Fitness. More items...

Is Gold's Gym better than Planet Fitness?

The biggest difference between Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness is definitely the equipment selection and culture. Gold's caters more heavily toward the weightlifting crowd with an excellent array of free weights and machinery, and an environment that encourages lifting heavy. Aug 29, 2018

Which is Better Planet Fitness or LA Fitness?

The difference between LA Fitness and Planet Fitness comes down to how much you want to pay and what amenities matter to you. Planet Fitness is the cheaper option by far and comes with 24/7 convenience at most clubs, but LA Fitness has far better equipment and amenities if you're willing to pay a bit more. Apr 26, 2017

Is Lifetime Fitness a good company to work for?

Lifetime is not a good place to work and you will hate in within a week, it's not worth the free membership. Free Membership, small discount in the Cafe if your gym has one. Management is horrible and their HR is even worse! ... Promotions are based on who management likes rather than who is qualified.

How much does Lifetime Academy cost?

What are the tuition and fees? Application Fee $25.00 Tuition $1,400.00 Lab Fee $80.00 NASM CPT Exam Fee $400.00 Books (purchased separately) $70.00 2 more rows

How Much Do LifeTime Fitness yoga instructors make?

Average Life Time Yoga Instructor hourly pay in the United States is approximately $52.82, which is 73% above the national average.

How do people afford gym memberships?

How To Afford A Gym Membership Use your health insurance. ... Ask about Silver Sneakers. ... Check with your work to see if they provide one. ... Get a family membership. ... Ask for scholarships at the YMCA. ... Ask for discounts if paid up front for a year. ... Use free month promotions. Sep 19, 2015

Is it worth it to pay for a gym membership?

If you're committed to following an exercise routine, prefer to work out at a gym or fitness center, and can afford it – a membership isn't wasting money. Regular workouts will not only improve your physical health but your mental health too. Just be sure to include the membership fee in your monthly budget.

Why Personal Training Is So Expensive?

The Two Big Reasons Personal Fitness Trainers Are So Expensive. When you hire a one-on-one personal trainer, you're reserving a specific block of their time. Because they wouldn't be able to work with anyone else during that time, they have to keep prices at a premium. ... It's called small-group personal training. Feb 27, 2020

Does LifeTime Fitness have a student discount?

Yes, LifeTime Fitness does offer student discounts. You can find additional information about LifeTime Fitness's student discount policies on their customer service page here. You can also visit their homepage to see if LifeTime Fitness has posted additional information on their student discount policies.

Can you freeze a LifeTime Fitness Membership?

You can put your membership on hold with a written 30-day notice. Service fees and monthly on-hold dues apply. Medical or Military Freeze: With a note from an attending physician or a copy of military orders, we can immediately place a member on a medical or military freeze for a maximum of 12 months.

How much does it cost to freeze LifeTime membership?

In order to pause your membership, you need to inform your club 30 days in advance, and you have to do it in person. Service fees and monthly on-hold dues apply, and they can cost from $10 to $15 a month. If it's a medical or military freeze, no service fee or monthly dues will apply.

Does LifeTime Fitness have tanning?

LifeTime offers an Add On Tanning package option to members. We have 2 tanning beds. ... Add On Tanning to your membership for $34/mo. Stop by the desk anytime to get set up.

Why do gyms charge a joining fee?

What is a gym or club joining fee? It covers the cost of setting up an account. This is often used top extract more money from customers. Most people will sign up online and the cost top the gym is negligible. Mar 5, 2020

Does David Lloyd do NHS discount?

NHS Discount - David Lloyd Leisure Clubs There's never been a better time to join a David Lloyd club than with a NHS Corporate Membership. Benefits inculde: Reduced Joining Fee, Monthly saving and free visiting...

How do you get a gym membership to waive the joining fee?

Membership Try out the gym on the day and time you always intend to work out. ... You can always negotiate. ... The "initiation fee" is almost always negotiable. ... Join a day or two before the end of the month. ... Pay for your membership in advance. ... Canceling can be difficult. ... Hack the machines. ... Only pay for certified trainers. More items... • Mar 16, 2016

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