Is Hemlock Good For Fence Posts?

On "ground-contact", Hemlock will only last a few years at best unless it is treated. Above ground, Hemlock will last pretty good, but spraying the fence with oil-based stain or other kind of wood preservative will extend the years for your fence. Cedar, Red or White, or Locust will last a lot longer on ground-contact!

Is Hemlock harder than pine? It is much stronger and harder than pine. It is used as cribbing (jacking timbers) and in situations requiring high strength. Green hemlock is very heavy but is easily worked with tools. Once dry, hemlock is very difficult to work.

is Hemlock good for building?

Hemlock is good for framing lumber as long as it isn't too knotty. The customer used hemlock for the floor and roof sheathing, and for siding. We use as much hemlock as we can for our own building projects. If you compare clear hemlock to clear SPF, hemlock is stronger.

Are hemlock trees worth money? &bsp; For the tree grower, hemlock in 8 foot to 16 foot length logs is worth $. 25 a board foot when brought to the saw mill. In the case of dying hemlocks, the landowner has to pay the logger to come cut the tree and haul it off, which most likely will cost him more than the value of the wood.

what can hemlock wood be used for?

About three-fourths of the hemlock lumber produced is used for light framing, sheathing, roofing, and subflooring. The remainder of the lumber is used for boxes, crates, and pallets; railroad car construction and repair; general millwork, and sign construction.

Is hemlock wood durable? Hemlock knots are extremely hard, to the point where sawblades are known to shatter when sawing into them. Overall, Hemlock is considerably harder than pine or spruce. Hemlock is a very stable wood. The tannin content protects it from insect attack and makes it more durable in outdoor applications.

is Hemlock good for exterior use?

Hemlock is a great wood for outdoor use, as mentioned pests won't get in it and it is very rot resistant. Some say it holds up better than treated wood.

Does Hemlock paint well? You can work hemlock easily with hand or power tools. Western hemlock, with its straight grain and finer texture, sands to a silky, reflective smoothness. Because the western variety is resin-free, it accepts any paint, stain, or clear finish with more satisfying results than the eastern species.

Is hemlock insect resistant?

Are there any hemlock species that are resistant to this pest? Yes. The mountain hemlock (Tsuga mertensiana) and the western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) are both native plants in this country and are highly resistant to HWA. However, when these plants are under previous stress, they can succumb to this pest.

How long does it take for hemlock to dry? It will dry about 80 percent of the way in about 5 or 6 weeks IMO.

Is Hemlock better than cedar?

Hemlock is a lot stronger, more solid wood. Decay resistance is very good, up there with white cedar, maybe not quite as good as redwood though. Also much tougher than cedar when the horeses get rubbing chewing and kicking at it. Hemlock can have twisty spiraled grain and is not as stable as cedar.

How do you finish a hemlock?

Apply a finishing product to the wood, using smooth, long paint brush strokes. If you want to change the color of the hemlock lumber, use a suitable color of wood stain, like golden oak. If you do not wish to change the color of the wood, use a drying oil instead, such as linseed oil or tung oil.

Is hemlock wood Food Safe?

There are a few species that are dangerous (hemlock) and many people are allergic to many rosewoods. Most domestic wood, (maple, walnut, oak, etc.) are considered food safe. Also as mentioned above most all finishes are considered food safe once cured.

Is Hemlock a good wood to burn?

Burning Hemlock Firewood Although it's classified as a softwood, hemlock can be a good firewood source as long as the wood is allowed to properly season before use. Hemlock makes a great firewood for campfires because it burns hot, it smells good and it crackles and pops, giving you the ideal campfire experience.

Is a hemlock a pine?

Hemlock is evergreen tree that belongs to the pine family. There are around 10 species of hemlock that are native to America (4 species) and Asia (remaining 6 species). Hemlock inhabits dense, moist habitats that are characterized by dry, rocky soil.

How can you tell the difference between pine and hemlock?

Quick Key to Identifying Hemlock. Needles have 2 white "racing stripes" on the underside. Fir needles have similar stripes. Conical to egg-shaped (more or less); fine branches give this tree a lacier appearance than spruce, fir or pine.

Can you use hemlock for decking?

Although hemlock is classified as a softwood and cuts smoothly, the wood of a hemlock can be as strong as hardwoods if handled properly before you use it as decking material. A hemlock deck provides a place to gather in nice weather.

Does Hemlock look like oak?

Hemlock is a softwood,grown mainly in western north America. It is pale brown in colour, even textured ,straight grained and non resinous.It works well and gives a good finish . It would be very suitable for stair parts but might not match oak in appearance.

Is Hemlock a soft or hardwood?

Hemlock is used primarily as a construction timber, and is in good supply. Expect prices to be moderate for a domestic softwood. Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is reported by the IUCN as being near threatened.

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