Was Peter Graves Married?

Joan Graves

m. 1950–2010

Did Peter Graves and James Arness get along? Born James and Peter Aurness in Minneapolis, the Gunsmoke star-to-be later modified the spelling of his last name to Arness and Peter chose to use their mother's maiden name of Graves. Although they were both very active in movies and television at the same time, they never acted together.

did Peter Graves ever appear on Gunsmoke?

He and his brother Peter Graves never acted onscreen together; however, Graves did direct Arness in Gunsmoke: Which Dr. (1966). After his last role Gunsmoke: One Man's Justice (1994), he retired from acting at age 71.

What is Peter Graves worth? Peter Aurness, also known as Peter Graves, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. He attained most of his wealth from a successful acting career, which began in 1950. Peter Graves' net worth came mostly from television series and films.

who is James Arness married to?

Janet Surtees m. 1978–2011 Virginia Chapman m. 1948–1960

When did Matt Dillon die? James Arness, who presided over the frontier town of Dodge City as television's most enduring western hero, the laconic, fair-minded and incorruptible Marshal Matt Dillon of the two-decade-long series “Gunsmoke,” died June 3 at his home in Los Angeles at 88. The cause of death was not reported.

why did Peter Graves change his name?

He used the stage name Graves, a maternal family name, to honor his mother's family, and also so as to not be confused with his older brother, James Arness, the star of the television series Gunsmoke.

Why did Chester leave Gunsmoke? I don't know about that Ken C. Gunsmoke was the program that gave him his big break and the only reason he left was that he felt that he would be typecast forever as Chester. After several attempts to establish himself as a leading actor he did finally succeed in the series McCloud.

What happened Peter Graves?

Peter Graves died of natural causes on March 14, 2010, in Pacific Palisades, California; according to a spokeperson, the actor collapsed in his driveway after having breakfast with his family. His daughter attempted to revive him through CPR, but was unsuccessful.

What killed James Arness? Natural causes

What year did Peter Graves die?


When did Miss Kitty die Gunsmoke?


Is James Arness and Peter Graves still alive?

James Arness, the tall man who towered over TV screens for 20 seasons as the iconic Marshal Matt Dillon on CBS' Gunsmoke, has died. He was 88. His death comes 14 months after his brother, Mission: Impossible actor Peter Graves, died of a heart attack at age 83.

What happened to Kitty on Gunsmoke?

Amanda Blake, the actress who played Miss Kitty on the long-running television series ''Gunsmoke,'' died of AIDS-related complications and not, as a hospital and her friends reported at the time, of cancer, her doctor says. But he added, ''That wasn't the reason that she died.

How much did James Arness make per episode?

Arness earned $1,200 an episode at first, but after the show won Emmys and topped the ratings, he renegotiated for $20,000 an episode and said, flat-out, “No press!” (TV Guide dubbed him the “recluse on horseback.”)

What year did James Arness die?


Why did Peter Graves leave Mission Impossible?

Leonard Nimoy's Paris character replaced Martin Landau's Rollin Hand character in season four. It's believed that largely because of this, the fact that Landau was originally offered Nimoy's famous Spock character in Star Trek: The Original Series (1966) became widespread.

What is Peter Graves real name?

Peter Duesler Aurness

When did Gunsmoke go to an hour?

From 1955 to 1961, Gunsmoke was a half-hour show (retitled Marshal Dillon in syndication). It then went to an hour-long format. The series was retitled Gun Law in the UK. The Marshal Dillon syndicated rerun lasted from 1961 until 1964 on CBS, originally on Tuesday nights within its time in reruns.

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