What Does All My Sons Mean?

The title of the play becomes clear in Keller's final line. After years of denial, he is forced to acknowledge that the soldiers who died as a direct result of his actions were someone's sons, and they all might as well have been his sons.

What kind of play is all my sons? All My Sons is a 1947 play by Arthur Miller. It opened on Broadway at the Coronet Theatre in New York City on January 29, 1947, closed on November 8, 1949, and ran for 328 performances. All My Sons Original language English Genre Tragedy Setting The Kellers' yard in late August 1946

what is the message of all my sons?

Miller's intention in All My Sons is to show that a man's public acts and responsibilities are inseparable from his private ones, that he is as responsible to all mankind as he is to his family.

Who is the antagonist in All My Sons? Ann Deever

how many pilots died in All My Sons?

Faced with a batch of defective machine parts, he patched them and sent them out, causing the death of 21 pilots during the war.

Why did Arthur Miller write all my sons? Arthur Miller started writing All My Sons in 1945, inspired by World War II and the true-life story (told to him by his stepmom) of a woman who alerted authorities to her father's wartime wrong-doing (source: Christopher Bigsby, "Introduction to All My Sons." Penguin Classics, 2000).

what does the title All My Sons refer to in the play?

The Title : All My Sons is indeed appropriate for Miller's play Of that name . The title refers to 21 Air Pilots Who were killed during the war on Account of the Defective Cylinder head fitted into the P -40 which men had been flying in the course of their Raids over the Enemy Territory .

What is the American dream in all my sons? Arthur Miller makes a statement in All My Sons about how those with power will do anything to achieve their dreams. The symbolic American dream is often obtained through hard work, not dishonesty, and Miller believes that those who achieve it should also protect and keep others safe.

How does Larry die in All My Sons?

Never seen in the play, Larry Keller committed suicide in war, following news that his father and Steve manufactured faulty parts and killed American soldiers.

Who is Steve in All My Sons? Steve Deever is Joe Keller's former partner in business. When the play begins, he is in jail for the crime that both he and Joe were originally convicted of, shipping cracked cylinder heads to the military which resulted in the deaths of 21 pilots.

What state does all my sons take place?

All My Sons takes place in a small American town in August, a few years after World War II. The events of the play occur on a single set, the back yard of the Keller home, where a tree has recently been torn down by a storm. The Kellers are solidly middle-class and have a working-class background.

What happens at the end of all my sons?

What's Up With the Ending? At the end of All My Sons, Joe Keller faces the judgment of both his sons: one accusing him from the dead and one ready to drive him to prison. He goes inside and shoots himself. Kate Keller encourages their son Chris, though he provoked his father's suicide, not to feel guilty.

How old is Chris Keller All My Sons?

Chris Keller, Joe's thirty-two-year-old, sensitive, and intellectual son. He works for his father's company, which someday will be his. A World War II veteran whose combat experience has left him with a strong sense of responsibility for others, he is an idealist, though rather naïve.

What are the major themes of All My Sons by Arthur Miller?

All My Sons Themes Guilt and Blame. Pretty much everyone in All My Sons has a secret. Wealth. Money, money, money. Justice and Judgment. In the back-story of All My Sons, there's a massive crime – the shipment of airplane parts known to be defective. Lies and Deceit. Morality and Ethics. Memory and the Past. Family. Courage.

How many acts does all my sons have?


Is Larry alive in All My Sons?

For her, Larry is alive. Larry is alive, because if he's dead, his own father killed him… Now it's out. Chris is totally, totally floored.

Who is Joe Keller in All My Sons?

Joe is a contradition, on the one hand he is honest, patriotic, loves his family, on the other hand, he is dishonest, manipulative and selfish, unwilling to risk losing his business to behave in a moral way.

Why Chris is irresponsible in All My Sons?

Expert Answers info Chris could be described as irresponsible in that he shames his father so badly that he commits suicide. Yet in challenging his father's fraudulent behavior, he wants his family to recognize that there are people outside the Keller family to whom they have responsibilities.

Who is Frank lubey in All My Sons?

Frank Lubey is a Keller family friend in the play All My Sons. He did not serve in the war because he was a year ahead of the draft. He married George

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