What ICD 10 Code Covers Ferritin?

R79. 89 is a billable/specific ICD-10-CM code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis for reimbursement purposes.

What are characteristics of phospholipids?

Phospholipids. Phospholipids consist of two hydrophobic “tails,” which are fatty acid chains, and one hydrophilic “head,” which is phosphate group. They connect with glycerol and the “head” is typically found at the sn-3 position.

Can you become Thane in all holds?

Yes you can be Thane in all Nine Holds in Skyrim simultaneously. You can also join all guilds at the same time. Feb 23, 2018

How do you become Thane of every hold in Skyrim?

Haafingar (Capital: Solitude) Go to Blue Palace and wait for the peasant from Dragonsbridge to finish addressing the Jarl. Talk to Falk Firebeard. Clear out Wolfskull Cave. Talk to Jarl Elisif the Fair. ... Purchase Proudspire Manor (requires 25,000 septims) Assist five residents. ... Talk to Jarl, become Thane.

What Cities Can you be Thane of in Skyrim?

Cities. Dawnstar. Falkreath. Markarth. Morthal. Riften. Solitude. Whiterun. More items... • Nov 4, 2016

What are the 9 holds in Skyrim?

There are nine holds in Skyrim, of which there is either a major city or a major town, these are: Falkreath (Falkreath) Whiterun (Whiterun) Morthal (Hjaalmarch) Dawnstar (The Pale) Winterhold (Winterhold) Solitude (Haafinger) Riften (The Rift) Markarth (The Reach) More items...

Can you lose Thane status?

1 Answer. Yes. As you can read here, you can only lose your Thane status if the Jarl position is changed during a Civil War battle. Whiterun, specifically, you have to fight for the Stormcloaks to change your Thane status. Mar 29, 2018

Can you marry Jarl Elisif?

Normally you can't marry Elisif the Fair, it requires a mod that is known to be a bit buggy. ... Since Elisif doesn't normally have the dialogue for marriage the conditions are not easily met and may cause problems.

Can you become High King in Skyrim?

You're the Last Dragonborn and you're probably Shor as you can sit on his chair after travelling to Sovngarde. With that power, you can rally up the Sons and Daughters of Skyrim and storm Solitude and crown yourself King. ... There is a single, comprehensive mod to play as high king of Skyrim.

Can you stay neutral in Skyrim?

Yes, it is possible. The main quest is not completely independent of the war, but it does not require your character to take any action to support or oppose either side in it. You won't need any advice or hints as to how to avoid taking a side; the game will tell you what you need to know when you get there.

Can you become Thane of Riften?

The jarl requires you to buy the house in town as well as completing a number of miscellaneous quests. Once this is achieved you can become Thane. ... Unlike in other holds, you must then complete three other Miscellaneous Quests in Riften, rather than completing five Favor Quests across the hold. Jun 30, 2019

What's the best faction to join in Skyrim?

the Dark Brotherhood Hands down, the Dark Brotherhood is one of the best factions in Skyrim. Not only do you get to be a badass assassin, but you also gain access to Cicero, and the Dark Brotherhood initiates who are arguably the best followers vanilla Skyrim has to offer without purchasing DLC. Jul 9, 2017

Is it better to go with the Imperials or Stormcloaks?

In terms of keeping peace, you're better off joining the Imperials. The Stormcloaks are a small band of rebels whose only goal is for Skyrim to be free of foreign rule, to allow Talos worship in Skyrim, and to see Ulfric Stormcloak be crowned the High King.

Who is the best Housecarl?

User Info: DarthVader561 Argis the Bulwark (Markarth) 14.65% (23 votes) ... Calder (Windhelm) 3.82% (6 votes) ... Iona (Riften) 11.46% (18 votes) ... Jordis the Sword-Maiden (Solitude) 70.06% (110 votes) 110. Feb 21, 2013

What is the biggest hold in Skyrim?

Whiterun Whiterun - The largest of the holds and likely the most populous and powerful as both sides in the civil war talk like Whiterun's support would mean the victory for either side. It contains one of Skyrim's largest cities - Whiterun - as well as 2 smaller villages - Rorikstead and Riverwood. Nov 12, 2016

Is Markarth Stormcloak or Imperial?

The Holds of Skyrim Hold Capital Allegiance [ note 1 ] The Pale Dawnstar Stormcloak The Reach Markarth Imperial The Rift Riften Stormcloak Whiterun Whiterun Neutral, later Imperial 5 more rows

What hold is helgen in?

Falkreath Hold Helgen is a moderately-sized community in Falkreath Hold in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It was one of the only heavily inhabited settlements located in Falkreath Hold, apart from the city of Falkreath itself and Half-Moon Mill. It is destroyed in the prologue by Alduin.

Is a Thane a knight?

Thane, also spelled Thegn, in English history before the Norman Conquest (1066), a free retainer or lord, corresponding in its various grades to the post-Conquest baron and knight.

What happens if Stormcloaks win?

The most probable long term effect of the Stormcloaks winning the civil war is that the Aldmeri Dominion succeeds in splintering the Imperial forces, causing them to be vastly underpowered and after they incite another great war, they control all Imperial provinces.

How many times can you use the thane excuse?

When you are a thane in a Hold, you can use the excuse to get out of a crime only once. However, if you are arrested afterward, you still retain your thane status. Yes and no.

Who is best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The Huntress The most popular and best wife in Skyrim, according to the community, is undoubtedly Aela The Huntress. She's a member of the Companions and also a Werewolf, following the teachings of Hircine. She feels great pride over her true nature and is a skilled archer. Dec 15, 2020

Can I have 2 wives in Skyrim?

No. Even if you have multiple houses, you cannot have multiple wives. Feb 24, 2012

Who is the hottest Marriable character in Skyrim?

But the hottest women in the game are definitly Muiri and Sylgja.

Is Ulfric a Dragonborn?

You can notice Ulfric Stormcloak using Unrelenting Force (Fus Ro Dah) if you fight him in the Battle for Windhelm (part of the Imperial Legion Civil War questline) or if you fight beside him in the Battle for Solitude (part of the Stormcloak Civil War questline). No he is not a dragonborn.

Is Ysolda a good wife in Skyrim?

Besides being kind and easy on the eyes, Ysolda's ability to become an innkeeper makes her an awesome choice for marriage. By killing Hulda, the innkeeper of the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, Ysolda becomes the new manager.

Can you have a child with your wife in Skyrim?

Spouse Compatibility- In order have a child, you need to marry a person of the opposite gender, and of a compatable race. Nov 12, 2011

Should I kill Paarthurnax?

Paarthurnax posed no danger to his empire. Do not kill him.

Is destroying the Dark Brotherhood worth it?

Joining Dark Brotherhood will give you the chance to enjoy the best storyline in Skyrim. Destroying them won't result in much, but you can take the alterego of being the Hero of Justice to slaughter them. It's a game where you can do both. So enjoy them.

Is Saadia lying Skyrim?

So in this scenario, Saadia is 100% telling the truth. She is from a noble house and the Alik'r are working with the Thalmor through another faction in Hammerfell. She is being hunted because she spoke out against the Aldmeri Dominion and that angered the wrong people. Jun 20, 2018

Can you become Thane of Windhelm without joining the Stormcloaks?

You need to finish the quest blood on ice. The steward will then direct you to the jarl. In turn, will ask that you'll help 5 people then you're the thane. ... After that, you can go to the jarl and he'll give you the offer to become a thane.

Can you become a Jarl in Skyrim?

You cannot become Jarl in the base game. The most you can become is Thane in the holds. As SuperSajuuk said, there's no option for becoming a Jarl in the vanilla versions of Skyrim and it's DLCs. The only way would be downloading a mod enabling that for the PC version of Skyrim.

Can you become Werebear Skyrim?

Unfortunately, you are unable to become a werebear, even with the DLC. You can summon one using the Beast Stone, and if I recall correctly, you can run into some. You can become a werewolf or a vampire/vampire lord, and the Dawnguard DLC expands on these.

Is Saadia a Thalmor spy?

Personal head cannon: Saadia is a Thalmor spy sent to infiltrate Whiterun and seduce and manipulate (and possibly kill in required) the Jarl.

How long does it take to beat Skyrim 100%?

roughly 223 hours Even if you do just some of the side quests available and spend time off the beaten path, you can easily add another 70 or so hours to the game. And if you want to go for 100% completion, well, make sure you have some water and some snacks around; it'll take you roughly 223 hours to do everything Skyrim has to offer. Aug 2, 2019

Is it better to be werewolf or vampire in Skyrim?

Werewolf/Beast Form is better to have than Vampire Lord form. Werewolves are stronger faster and better in every way. ... If your fighting in werewolf form don't stand toe to toe use the speed you have and run around them while swiping and you will destroy them faster while taking less damage.

Do the Thalmor want the Stormcloaks to win?

No they don't. They make it clear in thier dossier on Ulfric. A Stormcloak victory is to be avoided. If Ulfric were to win then you have a bunch of nationalistic Nords yearning for Thalmor blood.

Is Ulfric a Thalmor puppet?

He's not under Thalmor control by any means, but his continuing the civil war plays into the Thalmor's hands by weakening both Skyrim and the empire. The Ulfric Dossier says that a quick end to the war, for either side, is NOT in the Thalmor's interests. ... The Thalmor are his puppeteers.

Who are the bad guys in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 10 Best Villains In The Game, Ranked 1 Miraak. Powerful beyond belief and absolutely, utterly selfish, Miraak is the most cunning enemy the Dragonborn will have to deal with. 2 Lord Harkon. ... 3 Ulfric Stormcloak. ... 4 Elenwen. ... 5 Mercer Frey. ... 6 Calixto Corrium. ... 7 Astrid. ... 8 Maven Black-Briar. ... More items... • Jun 21, 2020

Can Lydia die forever Skyrim?

Yes, she can die. Feb 27, 2012

Can I marry my Housecarl in Skyrim?

Re: Can you marry your housecarl? Yes, she is listed as one of the characters available for marriage. Nov 14, 2011

Can I marry jordis in Skyrim?

Marriage. If the Dragonborn wears the Amulet of Mara, Jordis will be available for marriage, like any other Housecarl appointed, and will act as shopkeeper once married.

What is the nicest house in Skyrim?

Proudspire Manor While Proudspire Manor is the most expensive house in Skyrim - and costs more to upgrade - it's also one of the best. Proudspire is found in Solitude and in addition to coming with lots of space, this three-floor home also has a handy alchemy lab and is only a short walk from a nearby market filled with goods. Apr 15, 2019

How do you get 1000 bounty in all 9 holds?

Killing a guard in front of witnesses will give an automatic 1000 bounty. The easiest strategy here is to kill a guard, flee and fast travel to another hold. One could also steal a horse at the stables to facilitate the escape. Repeat for all nine holds.

What is the best city in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Best Cities In The Game, Ranked By Size 8 Morthal. 7 Raven Rock. 6 Dawnstar. 5 Riften. 4 Windhelm. 3 Markarth. 2 Whiterun. 1 Solitude. More items... • Jan 20, 2021

Is the Stormcloaks good or bad?

Ulfric Stormcloak is not evil, he just doesn't see the bigger picture. He sees his cause as saving Skyrim, but all it is is handing it to the Aldmeri Dominion on a silver platter. ... Ulfric got pissed when Talos worship was “banned”. But if you stop to think, the Empire is still allowing free and PUBLIC Talos worship.

Can you quit the Stormcloaks?

Once the Dragonborn has joined the Stormcloaks, only one more opportunity remains to switch sides, leaving the Stormcloaks for the Legion. When the Jagged Crown has been acquired, the Dragonborn can choose to travel to Solitude where they can give the crown to General Tullius instead.

Can you betray the Stormcloaks?

Can you betray Ulfric Stormcloak? yes, in a little known option for the jagged crown quest you can betray your civil war faction by bringing the crown to the leader of the opposition.

Why did alduin attack helgen?

Why does Alduin attack Helgen? Fandom. Alduin attacks Helgen personally for no clear reason, the only thing that saves the Dragonborn and Ulfric (who can Shout and thus can be mistaken for the Dragonborn) from execution.

What does alduin say at helgen?

Posted 09 January 2012 - 08:57 AM. When Alduin attacks Helgen, he calls you "Dovakiin". It means he knows who you are, perhaps even his brother, according to the lore. Jan 9, 2012

Can you rebuild helgen in Skyrim?

Helgen Reborn is a mod made for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It gives the Dragonborn a chance to rebuild Helgen and foil a Thalmor plot. Much like Kvatch Rebuilt, it adds a new questline that can be walked through while Helgen is being rebuilt.

Why does the original Thane of Cawdor lose his title?

With the execution of the Thane of Cawdor, a title Macbeth is given by King Duncan for his bravery on the battlefield, Macbeth's future actions against the king are foreshadowed. ... The original Thane of Cawdor was executed for treason because he fought with the Norwegians against Scotland.

What is a Thane Beowulf?

Thanes are the men who surround a ruler or king of a region. ... Beowulf , though he comes from overseas, represents the perfect thane, one who believes it is his duty to fight to the death to protect Hrothgar's mead hall against Grendel.

What did a Thane do?

noun. Early English History. a member of any of several aristocratic classes of men ranking between earls and ordinary freemen, and granted lands by the king or by lords for military service. ... a person, ranking with an earl's son, holding lands of the king; the chief of a clan, who became one of the king's barons.

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