What Protocol Does Lutron Caseta Use?

Lutron Caséta uses the Clear Connect RF communications protocol. This uses an entirely different frequency (434 MHz) from both Wi-Fi and 2.4 Gigahertz alternatives like ZigBee. The biggest reason for this change is to operate on a little-used frequency which gives users a better experience.

Does Lutron Caseta use ZigBee?

Lutron Caseta is currently not compatible with Zigbee or Z-wave hubs. It does, however, work with other Zigbee and Z-wave devices such as: Amazon Alexa. Google Home.

What technology does Lutron Caseta use? The Caséta Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer uses Lutron patented Clear Connect RF Technology which enables wireless communication with Pico remote controls, Caséta motion sensors, and the Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro.

Is Lutron Caseta a mesh network?

No, Lutron Caseta does not use a mesh network. Lutron Caseta uses a proprietary networking protocol known as Clear Connect. Despite the lack of mesh networking, there can be some strong advantages to using Clear Connect over a ZigBee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi mesh network.

What frequency does Caseta use?

Communicates using Radio Frequency (RF) at 431 MHz to 437 MHz. Thousands of system addresses prevent interference between systems. Can be assigned to control blinds, curtains or lighting devices that are within a 30 ft (9 m) range.

Does Lutron Caseta work with Hubitat?

Select Create New Caseta/RA2 Integration Name your Lutron integration and enter the IP address of your Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. Next you will need to select all of the Lutron devices you want to connect with your Hubitat Elevation.

What is compatible with ZigBee?

Can you use Lutron Caseta without bridge?

Caséta dimmers & switches are able to communicate directly to Lutron Pico remotes and do not require a bridge or wifi to function.

How many lights can Lutron Caseta control?

Yes, you can. The plug-in lamp dimmer can control two lamps. The lamps will both be controlled together; you can’t control them independently. How many bulbs can I control with a Caséta Wireless dimmer?

Can you control Lutron Caseta away from home?

Control from anywhere Control lights, shades and temperature in the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world – the office, the airport, the beach – so lights aren’t left on or shades aren’t left open when you’re away.

Is Lutron better than Leviton?

The Main Differences Leviton vs Lutron Smart Home System are: Leviton has a better support system, whereas Lutron Smart Home System only supports dimmers. Leviton offers a five-year warranty, whereas Lutron Smart Home System provides a one year warranty.

How far will Lutron Caseta work?

With the Caseta Smart Wireless Repeater by Lutron, you can now extend the range of your Caseta system up to 60 feet. Use the included power adapter to plug the repeater into an outlet within 60 feet of your Caseta smart bridge in room where coverage can be problematic – no extra ethernet connection required.

What is the difference between Lutron Smart Bridge and Smart Bridge Pro?

The Lutron Caseta Smart Bridge and the Smart Bridge Pro have the same basic features, but the Pro has more advanced features that make it easier to use. You can integrate it with your security system, use the Sivoia QS Triathlon, and take advantage of select Sivoia QS wireless shades.

Is Caseta Z-Wave or ZigBee?

Lutron Caseta does not use Z-Wave or ZigBee, but instead uses their own patented, proprietary wireless protocol which they call Clear Connect. Clear connect creates a mesh network, which connects to a hub.

What is a Z-Wave switch?

Z-Wave Light Switches, Dimmers & Lighting Control Z-wave switches are one you can control your home lighting from your smart phone, Alexa, or Z-wave controller interface. The configuration options for your lighting are endless.

How do I add Lutron to my home assistant?

  1. Browse to your Home Assistant instance.
  2. In the sidebar click on Configuration.
  3. From the configuration menu select: Integrations.
  4. In the bottom right, click on the Add Integration button.
  5. From the list, search and select “Lutron Caséta”.
  6. Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up.

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