What's FunnyMike Real Name?

MacArthur Johnson

His real name is MacArthur Johnson.

What is jaliyah real name?

Jaliyah Monet is in a relationship with FunnyMike, FunnyMike also known as 22 Savage or Young 22 is an American comedian, rapper, and YouTuber. He started his YouTube career in 2017 with the name FunnyMike.

How many kids does FunnyMike have?

Family Life He was in a relationship with Jaliyah Monet, with whom he ran the joint channel The MJ Family. They welcomed a daughter named Londyn in February 2019. They welcomed a son, MacAuthor Johnson Jr., in July 2020.

Where does FunnyMike live now?

11824 Bricksome Ave Baton Rouge Funny Mike Entertainment LLC 11824 Bricksome Ave Baton Rouge, LA Entertainment Bureaus - MapQuest.

How old is FunnyMike?

23 years old FunnyMike Age FunnyMike is 23 years old as of 2019. He was born as MacArthur Johnson on October 8, 1996, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.

Who is Jaaliyah so cool real dad?

Daughter of Instagram and YouTube star Royalty Johnson who is seen on her mother's boyfriend's YouTube channel CJ So Cool.

Who is jaliyah dad?

Lee Lucas 3. Her Father Is A Louisiana Legend. Jaliyah's father is Lee Lucas, a well-respected street legend in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. He is known to have been cool with several popular rappers from the area such as Lil Boosie and Kevin. Lee is currently serving a prison sentence and in 2019 Gates was seen visiting him ...

Is Jay FunnyMike brother?

His first name is Jay. His younger sisters are Badkidmirah and Kambadkid.

How old is BadKid Jay?

15 His birthday falls on January 15, 2005. At present, he is 15-yrs old. His zodiac sign is Capricorn. ... How old is BadKid. Jay? BadKid.Jay Wiki/Bio Famous As Instagram Star, Social Media Star Age 15-years old Birthday January 15, 2005 Birthplace Baton Rouge, LA 15 more rows • Sep 21, 2020

How old is Mykel?

Bad Kid Mykel (born 26 July 2005) is a famous American rapper, Instagrammer, and social media personality. ... Quick Bio. Name Bad Kid Mykel Born 26 July 2005, (15 years old) Gender Male Profession Instagram Star Birth Sign Leo 14 more rows • Jan 18, 2021

Is FunnyMike rich?

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Funny Mike has managed to build up a wide enough following on YouTube that he now has a net worth of $3 million. ... Net Worth: $3 Million Astrological Sign: Libra ♎ Home Town: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States Most Famous For: YouTube Star Last Updated: 2021 4 more rows • May 21, 2020

How tall is FunnyMike?

5 ft 11 FunnyMike Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics FunnyMike Quick Info Height 5 ft 11 in Weight 70 kg Date of Birth October 8, 1996 Zodiac Sign Libra 1 more row

How old is London from FunnyMike?

More Facts of Badkidlondyn Full Name: Londyn Born Date: 13 Feb, 2019 Age: 2 years Horoscope: Aquarius Lucky Number: 9 15 more rows • Feb 11, 2020

What is famous Oceans real name?

Kayla The United States-native Famous Ocean was born on 08 October 2002 under the star sign Libra. ... Kayla Wikis. Real Name Kayla Birthday October 8, 2002 Birthplace United States Zodiac Sign Libra Nationality American 7 more rows • Jan 6, 2021

How is CJ so cool so rich?

As of 2020, CJ So Cool net worth is believed to be around $2 million. Being a Jack of all trades means CJ has numerous revenue streams. His main source of income is YouTube, where he earns through ads and paid partnerships. He is also on other social media platforms, such as Instagram. Sep 3, 2020

What is Jaaliyah so cool Tiktok name?

Jaaliayh So Cool 😎 Jaaliayh So Cool 😎 (@jaaliyah. cool.

Who is jaliyah?

Popular social influencer who has amassed over 3.1 million subscribers to her Jaliyahma YouTube channel, where she posts a variety of fun videos, including challenges. She has also run social media accounts under the name Life of Jaliyah.

Who is BadKid Jay dating?

Asya BadKid. Jay Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics BadKid.Jay Quick Info Weight 65 kg Date of Birth January 15, 2005 Zodiac Sign Capricorn Girlfriend Asya 1 more row

What is jaliyah net worth?

Now she achieves the goal by gaining two million followers on the Instagram account and the same number on YouTube. Prank War content makes her so popular among the fans and followers. Her net worth is estimated to be $3,000,000. Sep 14, 2020

How do I get in touch with FunnyMike?

To get in touch today simply log in or register online today. When you register to our service, you'll enjoy instant access to Funnymike's agent or direct contact details – allowing you to reach out in seconds.

How much is Armon and Trey worth?

Ar'mon and Trey Net Worth – $850,000 Ar'mon and Trey is a popular YouTube channel created by two brothers named Armon Warren and Trey Taylor. They have an estimated net worth of $850,000. Jan 2, 2019

How tall is DDG?

5 ft 8 in DDG Height & Weight He stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in or else 1.79 m or 179 cm. Sep 13, 2020

How tall is FlightReacts?

5 feet 9 inches FlightReacts Age, Height &Weight His birth sign is Leo. He stands on a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall. Aug 6, 2020

How old is famous kungfu?

Kung-Fu was born on 7 September 2002. Kung-Fu is 18 years old.

Who is famous Debo dating?

Derrick Cummings Wikis Real Name Derrick Cummings Dating/Girlfriend Brooklyn Queen (Rumored) Married/Wife No Salary/Income Unknown Net Worth $500k 8 more rows • Jun 28, 2020

Who is the richest YouTuber?

So you can gather a little inspiration, here are 10 of the highest paid YouTubers in the world in order and from every niche. Nastya. ... Jeffree Star. ... DanTDM (Daniel Middleton) ... PewDiePie (Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) ... VanossGaming (Evan Fong) ... 8. Logan Paul. ... Markiplier (Mark Edward Fischbach) ... Jake Paul. Earnings: $11.5 million. More items... • Jan 13, 2021

How long have CJ and Royalty been together?

She has five children named Leonidas, Karnation, J'aaliyah, and twins Cordayah and Cordero Jr. She and CJ began their relationship in 2013. Her mom is black and Cherokee and her dad is Mexican and Hawaiian.

How do YouTubers receive their money?

YouTube income is generated by advertisements through AdSense, sponsorships with popular brands, and affiliate links. YouTube pays you only after you've earned $100 or more from placing ads on your channel and videos. Jan 9, 2020

Did CJ so cool have twins?

Family Life He and Royalty welcomed twins named Cordayah and Cordero Jr. in 2020. He has a daughter named Camari through a previous relationship and he is step-father to Royalty's children Leonidas, J'aaliyah and Karnation.

How tall is CJ so cool?

about 5ft 11in CJ So Cool is about 5ft 11in tall and he's an Aries.

How much was CJ so cool mega mansion?

A: “The reason it's $250 million is because of all the work for the past four years of having 300 people inside here, the art curations inside the house. Mar 16, 2020

Is royalty so cool Mexican?

She holds the American nationality and ethnicity is African-American. Her real name is Charlene Young. Feb 19, 2020

What is CJ so cool tik?

CJ SO COOL (@cjsocoolyt) | TikTok.

How old is DD 3 times?

15 years old DEDE 3X was born on 15 February 2006. DEDE 3X is 15 years old.

What is FunnyMike girlfriend worth?

They have an estimated net worth of $3 million. Their content is composed of pranks, vlogs, challenges and anything they find interesting. Feb 26, 2020

How much is FunnyMike and jaliyah worth?

The MJ Family Net Worth – $2.5 Million & The MJ Family is a popular YouTube channel created by FunnyMike, a famous YouTube star, and it features his girlfriend Jaliyah together with his son Londyn Johnson. They have an estimated net worth of $2.5 million.

How much is Dearra and Ken Worth?

De'arra & Ken 4 Life Net Worth – $3 Million De'arra Taylor and Ken Walker are a YouTube couple who run the channels De'arra & Ken 4 Life and vlogs by Vlogs By DK4L. They have an estimated net worth of $3 million. The two post videos of themselves documenting their life together in their vlogging channel. Jan 20, 2021

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