Will There Be AI Am Number 4 Sequel?

Cancelled sequel

In 2011, screenwriter Noxon told Collider.com that plans for an imminent sequel were shelved due to the disappointing performance of the first installment at the box office.

Based on: I Am Number Four; by Pittacus Lore

Starring: Alex Pettyfer; Timothy Olyphant; Teresa ...

Screenplay by: Alfred ough; Miles Millar; Marti ...

Release date: February 18, 2011

What element is AR 4s2 3d10 4p2?

Also, [Ar] 4s2 3d10 4p2. means that the unknown element has the same electronic configuration as Argon, plus the electrons in the 4s, 3d and 4p. Nov 5, 2019

What is Ne 3s2 3p6?

Argon. [Ne] 3s2 3p6.

What element is 5s1?

rubidium 1 Answer. Well if it's a neutral element, the element is rubidium. Dec 4, 2016

What element is 4p3?

[Ar] 4s2 3d10 4p3 is the electron configuration of a(n) atom. Which is the correct ground state electron configuration for silver?

What is XE 6s2 4f14 5d9?

The expected electron configuration for gold is is [Xe] 6s2 4f14 5d9 but it has been determined to be [Xe] 6s1 4f14 5d10. ... In Au, the energy difference between 6s, 5d and 4f are very small and other tiny perturbations in the system will allow electrons to jump from one to another.

What is XE 6s2 4f14 5d10 6p2?

The element lead has the electron configuration [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s2 6p2. This formula says that lead has all the electrons of xenon as well as the electrons listed after [Xe]. The 6s and 6p electrons are in the outermost shell, and are therefore the valence electrons.

Is Xe valid electron configuration?

[Xe] Element can't be its own electron configuration. Jun 30, 2020

What does ground state mean?

A ground-state atom is an atom in which the total energy of the electrons can not be lowered by transferring one or more electrons to different orbitals. That is, in a ground-state atom, all electrons are in the lowest possible energy levels. Aug 24, 2020

What does ground state configuration mean?

The ground state electron configuration is the arrangement of electrons around the nucleus of an atom with lower energy levels. The electrons occupying the orbitals of varying energy levels naturally falls towards the lowest energy state or ground state. Dec 16, 2015

How do you write 1s2 in 2s2?

For Ag 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6 5s2 4d9 all electrons in shell number 5 are valence, so there are 2 valence electrons. 5. If you have the electron configuration, add up all the numerical superscripts to get the total number of electrons. This number will be equal to the atomic number. Sep 25, 2010

Which element has the electron configuration of 1s 2 2s 2 2p 6 3s 2 3p 4?

Element Atomic number Electron configuration silicon 14 1s22s22p63s23p2 phosphorus 15 1s22s22p63s23p3 sulfur 16 1s22s22p63s23p4 chlorine 17 1s22s22p63s23p5 14 more rows

Which element has the electron configuration 1s22s22p63s1?

sodium Explanation: The element with electron configuration 1s22s22p63s1 belong I A group in the periodic table and it is sodium because it loses one electron. We have periodic table in attachments. Sodium is a chemical element with the symbol Na and atomic number 11. Nov 30, 2019

What element is Kr 5s1 4d5?

Explanation: And if Z=42 , the element is molybdenum , Mo . Oct 19, 2016

What atom is AR 4s2?

Calcium The element which has (Ar) 4s2 electronic configuration? The element is Calcium.

What is AR 4s23d7?

Noble gas notation of cobalt. [Ar]4s23d7. noble gas notation of silver.

Which element is predicted to have the ground state electron configuration shown below NE 3s2 3p4?

The element with the electron configuration of [Ne]3s23p4 is sulfur (S).

What does the 2 mean in 1s2?

Ans: The systematic arrangement of electrons in the orbitals is called electronic configuration. ... It means there are 2- electrons in first energy level s-subshell and 2-electrons 2 nd energy level s- sub shell and 2-electrons in 2 nd energy level p-sub shell. Apr 30, 2015

What is the noble gas in the 5th period?

The noble gases; helium (He), neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), radon (Ra) and element 118 (Uuo) occupy the rightmost group of the periodic table. ... Noble Gases. Group*** Period 5 37 Rb 85.47 51 Sb 121.8 52 Te 127.6 54 Xe 131.3 11 more columns

What is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p3?

Se (Selenium) 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p4. Br (Bromine)

What element ends with 5p4?

Element X Element X has an electron configuration that ends with 5p4.

What element is rn 7s2 5f14 6d4?

Seaborgium Answer: The element having given configuration is Seaborgium. Sep 25, 2019

Why are the outermost electrons the only ones included in the electron dot diagram?

why are outermost electrons only ones included in orbital filling diagram? they are the only ones involved in chemical reactions and bonding. ... 2s orbital is farther from the nucleus meaning it has more energy.

Why is ground state important?

The ground state refers to an unexcited atom where the electrons are in their lowest energy levels. ... Using the ground state of electrons can also tell us the fill order of electrons in an atom. According to the aufbau principle, electrons fill the lowest available energy level first. Jul 18, 2014

What does ground state and excited state mean?

Terminology: The ground state configuration is the lowest energy, most stable arrangement. An excited state configuration is a higher energy arrangement (it requires energy input to create an excited state). Valence electrons are the electrons utilised for bonding.

Is the ground state the most stable?

In chemistry and physics, the ground state is defined as the lowest allowed energy state of an atom, molecule, or ion. In other words, the ground state represents the most stable configuration. If there is more than one possible ground state, degenerate states are said to exist. Jul 3, 2019

How do you write ground state configuration?

Basics. Electron configurations are written using the principal quantum number n, followed by the orbital (s, p, d, or f) with the total number of electrons written as a superscript. Example: 1s2 For writing ground state electron configurations, a few main steps should be followed. Feb 3, 2021

Can two elements have the same ground state electron configuration?

No two elements have the same ground-state electron configuration.

How do you determine ground state?

If the unfilled subshell has more than half of the maximum number of electrons (e.g. oxygen, 2s2 2p4 ) the third Hund's rule applies conversely, thus the ground state will be the multiplet term with the maximum total spin. Jun 27, 2014

Is mg a noble gas?

In a similar fashion, strontium has two more electrons than the noble gas krypton, which would allow us to write its electrons distribution as [Kr]5s2 . ... How does it feel to be full after a meal? Element Name Magnesium Symbol Mg Atomic Number 12 Noble Gas Electron Configuration [Ne]3s2 7 more columns

What element is not a noble gas?

All of the elements in Group Zero are noble gases. The list includes helium, neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe), and radon (Rn). Don't think that, because these elements don't like to react, we don't use them.

What does 1s2 2s2 2p6 mean?

Neon. A neutral atom of Neon has ten protons and ten electrons, giving an electron configuration of: 1s2 2s2 2p6, meaning it has EIGHT electron in its outermost shell.

What ion is 1s2 2s2 2p6?

Element or ion pair Electronic congifuration Be+2, He 1s2 F-, Ne 1s2 2s2 2p6 S-2, Ar 1s2 2s2 2s6 3s2 3p6 Mg+2, Na+ 1s2 2s2 2p6 3 more rows

Which subshell is filled after 4p?

The 4p sublevel is filled next, after the 3d sublevel. The boxes for the elements formed by filling the p orbitals are in place under the boxes for elements formed by adding the 3p electrons. By consulting Figure 5.8, we see that the next sublevels filled are in the order: 5s, 4d, and 5p.

What is the difference between Kerlix and Kling?

As nouns the difference between kerlix and kling is that kerlix is a white gauze dressing (bandage) while kling is blade of a sword. Jun 22, 2020

What are Coban wraps?

Coban wrap is a durable, elastic, self-adherent gauze that applies snugly without loosening. Coban does not stick to underlying tissue, making it excellent for early postoperative management of split- and full-thickness hand grafts.

What is Kerlix wrap?

Kerlix™ bandage rolls provide fast-wicking action, superior aeration, and excellent absorbency. They are made of prewashed, fluff-dried 100% woven gauze with unique crinkle-weave pattern for loft and bulk to cushion and protect wound areas. Finished edges on the product reduce loose ends and lint.

What is a Coban?

Coban is a light weight cohesive elastic that adheres to itself without the use of pins, clips or tape for securing, compression or support. Coban is a light weight cohesive elastic which provides controlled, consistent compression and conforms to all body contours. Oct 8, 2020

What is an ABD bandage?

Abdominal (ABD) gauze pads are used to absorb discharges from abdominal and other heavily draining wounds. Abdominal pads seal off the wound area and help prevent moisture seepage by absorbing discharge into an inner core.

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